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What We Do

Recovery Idaho offers Peer-based recovery support services to help prevent relapse and sustain long-term recovery by building recovery capital, demonstrating hope, inviting all to participate, promoting
volunteerism, and creating public awareness.

Our Values

• You are in recovery when you say you are.

• Support all pathways to recovery.

• Focus on recovery potential, not pathology.

• Recovery is a gift. Expect to pay-it-forward.

• The path of recovery is life-long.

• Ongoing community support is vital to successful outcomes.

• We support the wellness of the full person.

• Everyone has a strength to share.

Our Mission

We support the recovery community by collaborating with local groups and organizations in the
development and delivery of community driven recovery support services. We work on behalf
of all those impacted by recovery through service, education, and advocacy to remove
the stigma and discrimination surrounding addictions and mental illness.


Norma Jaeger - Recovery Idaho Executive Director

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Sheri Morgan - Operations Manager

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Michael Armand - Training Manager

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